Dr. Joe Zagrodnik

Postdoctoral Researcher
WSU AgWeatherNet

Location: Seattle, WA

Weather is my passion

As an atmospheric scientist, I take pride in both my passion for the weather and the application of data science tools for meteorological analysis and forecasting.

My career has spanned a number of academic institutions and research interests including weather observations+field experiments, forecasting, climatologies, machine learning, and high-resolution modeling. Currently at WSU AgWeatherNet I am developing machine learning-based micrometeorological forecast tools for agricultural regions of Washington State.

In my spare time you will find me trail running in the Cascade Mountains or tending to my gardens and honeybees with my partner in West Seattle.

Ongoing Projects

AWNPy wrapper for the AgWeatherNet API

Imputing observational weather data

Random Forest MOS Forecasting


2019 PhD University of Washington
Mountain meteorology, precipitation microphysics, radar meteorology.

2013 MS Florida International University
Tropical cyclones, satellite meteorology, precipitation algorithms.

2009 BS University of Wisconsin
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences